Dojo Power Tilt pastatomas bokso maišas

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Pasirinktos prekės šiuo metu nėra sandėlyje


-total height 162 cm

-punching bag Ć˜34.4x117cm cm

-base Ć˜54.5x45 cm

-base tank with sand ~56kg

Material: PU foam

Color: red

Features: this smart bag imitates Bobo doll - after the kick or punch the bag will move back towards you. This turns the bag into a moving training partner. The bag has handles for grappling.

Usage: best for MMA, kickboxing, taekwondo training. The allows for diferent hand and foot kicks as well as grappling and thorws. Boxing is beneficial to your whole body. In addition to your upper body workout, you can strengthen your abdominal and leg muscles. ItĀ´s an ideal cardiovascular training.

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Artikulas STDPK-009
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Prekės ženklas Dojo
Collection Poksikoti soodusmüük
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Kategorija Punching bags
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