Budopunkt Jako teamwear


Mes negalime rasti prekių, atitinkančių pasirinkimą.

Jako is a German teamware company whose roots lie in team sports. Fast and reliable we want to supply our teams. Today, teams from around the world, train and compete in our products.

We know how important it is for each team to have a reliable team sports supplier. We deliver more than 400 articles in 30,000 variants to our customers in more than 50 countries within a very short time.

For up to five years we deliver the teamlines of our collection. With this we offer the clubs the opportunity to plan their equipment for the long term and to be able to constantly carry out repeat orders. Without waiting - fast and reliable.

Each team attaches importance to a distinctive appearance. With six teamlines, eleven jersey designs and matching basics, our collection covers the entire spectrum from leisure to training and sportswear.

We know how important a large selection is. With 16 color variations each team finds the right tone. From 116 to 6XL is the right size for all team members. Ladies' cuts and casual pants in short and long sizes complete the program perfectly.

All articles also offer enough space for individual finishing. This will make the outfit unique. A team - an outfit.