Starpro S90 Pro Training bokso šalmas

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Starpro S90 head guard is a must-have for amateur athletes as well as professional fighters. The durable design and structure of these head guards improve the overall performance in the ring, offering excellent protection for face and head without obstructing the vision.

S90 super pro training head guard is manufactured from the premium quality raw materials. The surface of the head guard is made from the combination of three durable materials. The impact taking region is made from 100% PU synthetic leather, making them last for a longer time. Fine stitching adds in the durability of this head guard, and the reliable design boosts athlete confidence.

To reduce the impact of the hits on the head and for maximum protection of head as well as a face from injuries and bruising, there is thick EVA foam with wool padding in these head guards. The dense foam and wool padding keep the person wearing this head guard safe during sparring as well as fights.

The 10 cm wide Velcro strap incorporated in the unique design of the head guard provides great zygomatic protection without obstructing the vision. These double overlapping Velcro straps at the back offer a snug-fitting and keep the head guard in place during sparring and fights. The inner lining of the head guard is composed of moisture-wicking and soft polyester fabric, which keeps the person feeling fresh, comfortable, and dry during training.

Size: Measure the width around the widest point of your head

S/M - 51-53 cm

L/XL - 53- 55 cm

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